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Moving on from “the Balcony and the Dancefloor”. It’s time to go clubbing.

Its important, for us as Leaders, to head to the balcony when we need perspective and to take a step back – particularly when change is involved.


Quiet Quitters Aren't Snowflakes

“Quiet Quitting” has become a major trend across TikTok, but what is driving people to do it?

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Are You Suffering From Group Think?

Are you suffering from group think? Do all your people look and think the same? Diversity could be the superhero coming to rescue you.


The Treatment of Talent

Fewer businesses are thinking they can solve the issue with increased wages, finally turning to training their existing staff. Investments is heading to development agendas once again.


Selling the Digital Transformation

Let's stop talking about the technology and let's start focusing on the business outcomes we can deliver. Our buyers want help, so let's start helping them uncover the business outcomes they can achieve.


A Lack of Numeracy In Sales? It Doesn't Add up…

It’s critical you make sure business acumen is objectively measured, alongside numeracy, within your competency assessment. Read more here.


Our Take on ‘Winning the New Service Game’

Clearly, the impact of digitalisation on our customers, people and processes is significant. If we are to deliver the service levels our clients require, change has to happen and happen quickly.


Making the Most of the CIO

Include your CIO in your strategic conversations relating to sales and not just about technology decisions. It might not be immediately apparent, but the difference in the way they think can give you a new perspective on your sales function and lead to dramatic results changes.


Do we need a Better Business Act?

In a recent article in the FT, Mary Portas wrote in support of a Better Business Act, highlighting the impact of P&O’s decision to fire 800 of its employees and stating financial survival as the reason.


Painting a Progression Roadmap

Mark Savinson, CEO of Strategy to Revenue, breaks down how to foster internal mobility and secure workforce loyalty.


The Great Resignation

How are you securing employee loyalty? Join the conversation on talent retention with Strategy to Revenue CTO Jason Watson.


Training courses – how to make them stick

Strategy to Revenue CTO Jason Watson explains why so many are failing to benefit from highly-rated, external training, and where the solution lies.


Culture Change means walking the talk: From statements to measurable behaviours

Evolving organisations are looking to recognise the makeup and shifting attitudes of their employees towards outcomes, working conditions, and colleagues, placing organisational culture directly under the spotlight.


From CPO to CEO: Do organisations know where their bread is buttered?

Organisations are now forced to recognise their people as determining factors behind their success or failure. STR has a strong track record in putting people front and centre of our assessment and development programmes.


Apprenticeship versus degree? Unlocking potential for employers

Could apprentices have the edge?  In National Apprenticeship Week, Jason Watson of Strategy to Revenue believes a more nuanced approach to new recruits from different backgrounds can help unlock potential.


STR strikes US Deal as Global Markets Look to High-performing Sales Teams to Unlock Growth

Strategy to Revenue (STR) is delighted to announce an exclusive agreement with Texas technology route to market specialists Global Indirect Markets (GIM) to distribute and sell a unique sales assessment and performance development platform in North America and Canada.


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