Our Discovery Outcomes

Enhance sales process efficiencies. Improve sales team effectiveness. Our pragmatic approach begins with helping you to identify your key process bottlenecks and challenges through an in-depth discovery process.

We help companies deliver a maximum ROI from existing sales software, before identifying surplus or redundant solutions, and finally filling the gaps with new tools to support their sales strategy.

We identify the best fit solutions from the best providers in the market to recommend the enable solutions that best fits your business needs. Our recommendations always support a customer centric sales approach and automate and augment the productivity gains made from people and process improvements.


Online Skills Assessment & Training

The Kompetently™ platform gives you unprecedented insight into the health of your salesforce. Get a true understanding of how your salespeople rate against best practice and your internal desired state, by role or function. Use heatmap reporting to marry sales learning to greatest business needs.

Support the sales team’s individual learning and development needs and the goals of your business. Add self-paced online learning to get your team to proficiency, fast.

Learning Tools

Beyond our Kompetently™ platform, we monitor the market for the best-in-class solutions to help our clients deliver best-in-class development, coaching and behavioral change tools.

Even if we have an existing relationship in place, our customer-centric approach ensures we focus on finding the best solution to deliver our client's desired outcome.



Sales Content Management

Today’s buyers expect more from sales: faster response times, a quick understanding of their challenges and bespoke insight on how to overcome them. The market is flooded with vendors offering mixed capability, so how do you choose?

Our objective is to find the best tool for our client's environment that gives sales access to the most relevant, approved marketing materials at their fingertips for timely, efficient customer engagement. Moreover it should add powerful engagement tracking, for more effective sales follow-up and give Marketing the insight needed to consistently create content that resonates.

Bridging the gap between sales and marketing boosts efficiency and helps sales to win deals faster.

Sales Enablement Software

Your CRM is a repository of information, but there are tools that can use that data and AI-driven insights to drive sales productivity. We will recommend the most appropriate toolset that will ensure you empower your sales team to sell the way customers want to buy, by putting the buyer at the center. This must be supported by sales guidance to move the opportunity efficiently through the sales cycle.

At its best a toolset will allow automation to capture key sales data and input it into the CRM, while dashboards give managers the insight they need to quickly evaluate and coach deals, and deliver more accurate forecasts. The result: a more efficient and more effective sales team, with more time to sell and a more accurate pipeline and deal management process.


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