The Great Resignation: How are you securing employee loyalty?


Author: Jason Watson

Join the conversation on talent retention with Strategy to Revenue CTO Jason Watson.


Gone are the days when the paying the highest salary was the important consideration when ensuring employee loyalty.

The pandemic has taught us the value of quality time at home and, for many, proved we no longer need to gather in an office to be productive. A work/life balance has become critical and, like many others, I’ve ditched the daily commute for a hybrid work pattern.

Younger employees, however, will likely miss out on learning experiences found in an office environment with more experienced colleagues. We shouldn’t underestimate the wealth of nuanced insights and skills we pick up from each other through in-person interactions. Younger colleagues are themselves aware of these influences and the role they play in career progression.

Simply put, employers must address this appetite for experience if they are to keep young staff - regardless of where work takes place.

As STR leaders, we are hearing from customers and a wealth of industry forums that demonstrating clear career development opportunities and pathways is now paramount when attracting and retaining our next generation of workers.

The obvious challenge in achieving this is reduced face-to-face time as a result of COVID. Can we digitise the experience to enable remote managers to coach and develop their people in a focussed way, whilst enabling team members to feel engaged and in control of the process?

Traditional learning systems all fail at the first hurdle. Learning is assigned to individuals based on an administrator’s ruleset rather than learner needs. More progressive solutions seek to automate content assignment based on patterns established by other colleagues, but this wires negative behaviours into the system.

In the face of unprecedented hurdles, the younger generation is calling for managerial support and guidance in decision-making. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice, yet many are still treating everybody the same.

There is a better way to really establish an employee’s skills, needs and aspirations. At Strategy to Revenue, we have developed a platform that helps in multiple ways:

Valuable feedback within minutes

Quickly create role-based competency assessments in minutes, or pick from our evolving library that can be adapted to your specific business and role requirements. Easily pinpoint and support individual learning needs and enable objective coaching conversations, between managers and their team members, to provide a truly individual career development pathway - all managed in the Cloud.

Built to integrate

Kompetently® complements and can seamlessly integrate with HR systems (LMS, LCMS, LXPs, HRS, HRIS, ERP). Get personalised data to understand where key skills lie within your teams and organise your team to optimally support your business goals.

Effortlessly make data comparisons

Instant insights into the health of your teams at scale, with the ability to compare how employees and managers rate against best practice - defined by you for your business and organisational goals in a few clicks.

Built to integrate

Report on all your organisation's data. Make informed decisions about where future investment will provide the biggest return and how you can effectively build, manage and support your team’s development.

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