Make Your Sales People More Productive

Knowing how to make your people more effective isn’t always obvious. Strategy to Revenue identifies the appropriate combination of knowledge, skills and behaviors to tackle your sales productivity challenges, then we build and implement programs to drive productivity and develop successful, customer-centric sales teams, faster.


Competency Modelling

What does a capable sales team look like to deliver your goals?

We start by looking at what activities you need to execute to effectively engage with your clients and translate these into the required skills, knowledge and behaviors needed in each sales role to drive the desired outcome.

This framework ensures that future interventions and learning and development investment deliver maximum performance improvements by aligning them to your business outcomes.

Competency Assessment
Are your sales team able to deliver your sales goals?

Assess to identify the competency gaps within your sales organization. Kompetently™, our award-winning assessment and sales skills development platform, assesses the current state of your people, creates personalized learning programs and drives targeted coaching. Using our own curriculum or working with your Learning Management System, we deliver learning programs to ensure essential sales skills are in place across an organization.

Accredit the sales organization to prove they can use the knowledge and skills in the context of a sales conversation to move the sale forward in the desired manner. We will create the full accreditation program and either use our Kompetently™ platform or a platform of your choice to manage the process.



Skills Development
Build the sales skills essential at achieving your business strategy.

Customer-centric selling requires a set of nuanced sales and business skills. It also requires a commitment from the business to adopt new ways of selling.

Sales Leader Development
Skyrocket sales performance

It is widely recognized that sales performance improves by 30% or more when sales managers are coaching and leading the development of their people and driving behavioral change.

Support your sales managers with coaching skills and empower them to take a proactive role in skills development/behavioral change, and then watch your sales productivity soar.

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