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Head Office

Regal Court Business Centre 42-44 High Street Slough, Berkshire SL1 1EL



Meet the Team


Mark Savinson

Chief Opinionator (CEO)

Mark has an opinion on everything, whilst he always believes his opinion is correct, he does listen to others in the full knowledge that an opinion built on consensus is far more powerful than an opinion imposed.


Jane Manning

Master Bean Counter & People Champion

Jane takes care of our financial governance, compliance, budgets, planning and spend. She also looks after new recruits and our team as well as ensuring that we have all the appropriate MNDAs, MSAs, T&Cs, SOWs,etc. You might think she loves an acronym, but really she just loves a secure policy. Jane makes sure all bases are covered & all our beans are looked after. Not that we trade in beans, of course.


Peter Smith

Chief Pragmatist

If you want a learning program delivered on time, to budget and with a healthy dose of fun along the way, Peter is the man to make it happen. He leads the operations side of the business and keeps everything working smoothly as befits a man with a watch collection and a small farm.


Jason Watson

Technology Ninja (CTO)

In addition to consulting on all things technological Jason also leads the development of our Kompetently™ platform that helps objectively assess the competence of people, from bricklayers to salespeople and every other role you can imagine. Not only is Jason very bright and highly experienced, but he is also pragmatic enough to ensure that he delivers clear ROI on everything we do.


Phil Jules

Head Cat Wrangler

Phil brings structure and calm to the creative, enthusiastic, imaginative world of the program creation Team. Someone has to keep the project plans ticking over, timelines at the forefront of discussions and generally herding the creative ideas of the content teams.


Susan Wilcox

International Learning Guru

Being based in California, Susan brings an international perspective to how we learn. As a Team we have learnt to listen to her sage advice and this may have something to do with her have written film scripts, designed award winning learning programs and shown the design team a thing or two about using Storyline.


Jackie Adams

Head of Caring, Sharing and Fixing

Bringing order from chaos within our customers Jackie leads our customer success function with a smile and positivity that brings out the absolute best in any human. She makes sure our customers get the best value from our Kompetently platform through training and hand holding at every step on the onboarding process. When not helping new clients, she makes sure our existing customers continue to experience the best service possible.


Kai Dean

The Creative Centre

With over 20 years experience in designing and creating great digital learning experiences, Kai ensures that all of our self-directed learning looks great and fully engages the end-user. He brings with him his design skill, a love of coffee, mountain biking and photography.


Everyone Else

The Creative Bodies

From Instructional Designers, Creatives, Subject Matter Experts, Learning Designers, Behavioural Psychologists we have everything in place to design competency models and build highly effective programs to make organisations more productive.